The American Bully Merle Association

Recognizing Merle Bullies

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Establishing the World’s First Merle Bully Registry

Welcome to the Official ABMA Website
Home of the American Bully Merles of the World!
Officially Formed in 2021 and Housed Right Here

The American Bully Merle Association

No More Need To Be a Façade in Order To Be a Part Of”

After dedicated research, time, efforts, and most importantly, the voices of our people, we formed the official ABMA to provide an avenue for merles. To faithfully feel part of this beautiful bully community, to be able to participate in shows and earn titles despite their trait (merle coat).

Why Keep Us Out?

If we are “ONE” bully community, then we should all be accepted. Color, patterns, traits, etc. The merle community is evolving, and the ABMA is here to recognize and welcome merles of all parts of the world. We understand the concerns of others and strongly advocate good breeding practices. The American Bully Merle Association welcomes diversity and inclusion.

Let's bring merles to the show ring and champ out. Please explore our website; we have so much to share.